In the End we could do Nothing but watch the World Turn…Until Now.

When the world was new and young, it was naught but a sprout, a small sphere of land and sea with no order or understanding, until the Dragons came. Five dragons came from the sky and soared down to the land, which they called Rorarc, which in their tongue meant “Holy Land”. As the Dragon Gods examined the land, they each found something to change or improve upon. The Gold Dragon created the sky, and allowed the sun to beat down upon the skins of his brothers and sister. The Emerald Dragon created the lush landscape and great forests of the world. The Ruby Dragon create the crags and the mountains and cast plains and deserts. The Silver Dragon calmed the seas, and brought pure +water from the heavens. Finally, the Onyx Dragon created the animals, to give his brothers and sister sustenance.

After a millennia, the Dragons felt content, but one was lonely, and wish for companionship. The Emerald Dragon then took the bark from a tree, and created life. The bark sprouted legs, arms, a head and a youthful appearance, and the Emerald Dragon smiled and said "I will call you Elf, which in my tongue means “Child of Nature”." After the one, more appeared, the Emerald Dragon was never lonely again.

The Ruby Dragon kept to himself and wandered the world in search of treasures, and when he came upon a mountain which he wished to explore, it was far too large for one Dragon to search. So, taking a hand in the dirt and blowing it into the air, the dirt formed and changed into small creatures and stout bodies. The Ruby Dragon smiled and folded his arms as he looked to his new creations, saying: "You are called Gnomes, which in my Tongue means “Workers” now do as I command and hunt for the treasures I seek!" And the Gnomes obeyed for thousands of years before giving birth to a new race, the Half-lings, the two races one in the same, but different in so many ways.

The Silver Dragon watched her brothers and wish for companions of her own. She called upon the powers of nature and willed them into being. Thus sprung up her creations, and she loved them very much. They worshiped her and gave her gifts, granting her the name Goddess, but she did not wish to be called such. She gave them freedom, so much more so than the others, and some of her creations became corrupt. So much so that they began killing each other and the Silver Dragon could not stand it. She left them to their own devices and decided to name them Humans, which in her tongue means “Waring Ones”.

The Gold Dragon, from his high perch in the sky, could see his brothers and sister create and love and care for the new inhabitants of Roarc, and wished to be a part of them. He realized how far away he seemed from the rest of the world, and wished to rejoin with it. Flying to the ground and taking up a rock, he breathed life into it, creating a stout and strong figure who stood before him, and the Gold Dragon named him “Dwarf” which in his tongue meant “Strong”.

After years of watching his brothers and sister, the Onyx dragon grew envious and wished to create a race of his own. So he took a blade of grass and breathed life into it, creating the Goblins. They were small and ugly, but the Onyx Dragon loved them, until his brother saw them.

“Naught but an abomination brother! Surly you can do better!” The Onyx scoffed at his brother and created a new race, and called the Orcs, which in their tongue meant “Other,” but they were seen as no better. Try after try, the Onyx Dragon attempted to create a race like his siblings had done, but each time ended in failure. In the end the Onyx Dragon grew enraged and challenged his siblings to a battle of wills.

“You so love your creations that you would never allow them to leave, but I give you my newest creations. As I cannot create beauty like your, I will take what you have created away, and when they die they come to me, and they will be MY servants!” The Dragons grew enraged at this and as much as they wished to fight, the curse was cast and death was apparent. Because The Silver Dragon loved the Humans so much, they are the first to die, followed by the Gnomes and Half-lings, the Dwarves, and then the Elves. Each race will eventually die, and it was due to the Onyx Dragon’s jealousy.

Each Dragon blamed the other, and soon it was war between the races. Each Dragon crafted a weapon and gave it to their champions, who met on the field of battle alongside members of each race: The Golden Spearhead, The Ruby Sword, The Emerald Arrow, The Silver Axe, and the Onxy Staff. Each champion fought with a fierceness unrivaled, but each battle ended with no victor. After a thousand years the Dragons realized their mistake, and the reaping their war was having upon their creation. In a last moment of sanity for each, they gave their powers to the Champions of their races, and named them the Gods and Goddesses of this world. With that the Dragons disappeared into the sky, never to be seen again.

This is the legend past down from generation to generation in the world of Roarc, always seen as nothing more than pure myth………Until Now.

Dragon's Arcana: Arc I

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