Retainer of Lord Ryu, and lover of Shiny Objects. His greatness is only overshadowed by his mustache.


Morrison stands at 6’ 3, tall and strong, he appears as if he is simply bursting with power. In truth he is only in human form thanks to Ryu’s need for a servant whom he can trust. Morrison is able to perform great feats of strength and dexterity without even trying, but unless he keeps his abilities in check his true form will emerge.

In his true form Morrison is a Cloud Giant, standing at 12’ tall and draped in gold and sapphires and a robe made of a deep blue. He maintains the same personality, but when at his full power can create a full storm with a wave of his hand.

Diamond Staff: 1d8 Not a good weapon, but shiny, and Morrison likes that.



Dragon's Arcana: Arc I OrionWallet