Ootar Tojiam

Goblin mage whoes only wish was to remain untouched and alone.


Ootar stands at 3’11" and wears a set of robes which are tattered and appeared to at one time be dyed a deep red color.

Wooden Stick: 1d4
-A wooden stick with a jewel tied crudely at the top. Not the greatest weapon but able to channel magical energy.


Ootar lived in the hills and mountain sides with the rest of his clan for most of his young life. He was a member of a large family, each member supporting the clan and following the strongest, even if the change of command was a daily event. It came to the point where Ootar was shown to have more ability than most Goblins, and was told to learn the Common Tongue in order to create a bond with the races outside their mountain. This, however, was deemed as a mistake as many of the races on the continent of Alia see Goblins and their kin as nothing but a nuisance and barbaric.

Ootar began to hate the races outside the mountain and when he and his hunting party were on a routine hunt for food, was approached by a powerful Red Dragon, far more powerful than any Ootar had heard of before. The dragon called himself Zorag and demanded he and his hunting party stop a band of adventurers who were climbing the mountain. Ootar agreed and when night fell the Goblins ambushed the party.

In the end, Ootar was left alive, and after some convincing the party took Ootar along with them as a guide into the mountain, where they came across the Dragon Zorag and Ootar was possessed by the sheer power of the Dragon God. When the party was evacuated by Morrison, Ootar was left behind, it is unknown what has become of him.

Ootar Tojiam

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