A wandering rogue among a band of Gypsys. A world of gradure and traveling has ended due to a journey which calls her to remember a life once left behind.


A bored princess turned wandering gypsy. One would think the red hair princess would be easily found. She has taken a place among a troupe of preforming gypsies. She has never forgotten who she is, thought time has slipped away from her. It has been thirty years since she has last seen her home and her family. Adventure has always been a huge player in how she lives her life. That is why she took the challenge that Lord Ryu has issued. Once the challenged was completed she found herself in a quest so gruesome she could have never imagined. The Lord decided that the rag tag group needed a little more help and awoke her dormant Elvin magic. She learned about her eldest brother’s disappearance just before leaving the town. she distance herself from her emotions. Her brother is dead and she has a job to do: return the Ruby Sword to the Red Dragon. Along the way, she is given a weapon. Tarot Weapon. It seams almost attune to her magic.

The magic now running through her, has left her questioning many things in her life. Namely, how can this be?

Imprisoned for committing murder she finds her brother as well as an old friend. Awakening her emotions. For her, these emotions can hinder her job. The Warden of the prison seems to hold strong feelings for her. She must understand these emotions if she is to get the sword and save her brother. The Warden also bares uneasy news for the princess: she is to marry the human prince.


“Great and Glorious! Truly a rare day!” The voices of the Avendare rose up together. “The queen has birthed twins!”
The two sons of the royal house welcome their newest siblings a boy with grey blue hair and a girl with hair the color of liquid rubies. The eldest child, Fjoren, is the identical visage of the king himself. The middle child, Tarjen, has hair the color of warm chocolate.
Fjoren is just like his father. He understands that it is his duty to rule after his father. He has spent his life at his father’s right hand learning the ways that will allow him to rule wisely. Tarjen knows his place is to assist his brother. He is not as strong in body as his eldest brother, so he trains his mind.
The royal family is the one house in among the elves that gave up their magic. How could they show that they are connected to everyone if magic defines them? They possess the strongest magic, yet to rule they renounce it. The magic still flows and binds the royals to their subjects. The children can be born looking nearly nothing like the parents. The older of the new twins has hair that is the color of a storm a blue grey his eyes stare clearly a grey color. The younger has hair the color of liquid rubies and eyes the color of jade. They sparkle with a laugher and mischief that harkens back to her mother’s wild heritage.
Serirka found herself caught between two worlds. The world of formality and grandeur and the world of freedom. To her the palace was both a place to explore and escape. It was not hard for her to convince her brother Eteirus to run and play with her. They would sneak out of the castle evading guards and servants alike. Once outside, the world was their playground. Soon enough, Eteirus found the escaping to be tiresome. He liked the comfort of the place. So he quickly found the game a bore and left Serirka to play on her own. Part of him was jealous of Serirka. Each time they evaded the guards to play then returned hours later Alaria would embrace each one. Yet her affections seemed to Eteirus to pale in comparison to those Serirka received. As Serirka playing increased, both her mother and father feared for her safety. They controlled the capital, but people traveled in and out of the city every day, they could take a young girl with very little effort. Their answer to this problem was to increase her guard.
With the increased guards Serirka found herself unable to be free. She became withdrawn and appeared sad most of the time. Fjoren, even though two hundred years older than her, he could see the love of freedom. Being a prince he was granted more than she could ever hope to acquire. Seeing her sadness, Fjoren would take her outside the palace walls. He allowed her play with any children she wished. Sometimes she would take toys with her. Her favorite was a little elf doll. Crafted for her by the most talented carver in the city. The doll was dressed as a shining knight. She loved to play with the doll as much as she loved to let people play with it.
Fjoren, like her other brother’s understood her want of freedom. However, he was the only one to feel how much being kept in the palace hurt her. As the crown prince, he was allowed to travel nearly as much as he wished. Seeing his sister’s unhappiness, he would take her outside. He found her playful nature to be endearing. This was worth fighting for. He knew that the war would call him soon. What he did not know was this was to be his last day watching his little sister play.
In the meadow, she found a young boy. Just a few years older than herself. It took her many attempts to get the child to play with her. It was easier once she produce the knight doll. The boy seemed to like the doll. Hours passed and Fjoren nor Serirka or the boy noticed the messenger riding towards them. He brought news that Fjoren was needed at the line. Fjoren looked at his sister.
“Come, we must return. I am sorry.”
The look in the young boy’s eyes nearly broke Serirka heart. She offered her little doll to him. “I am sorry. But, I have to return home.”
After this, if Serirka wanted to play, she had to escape her guards. That alone to her became a game. How many would her mother assign her, how many could she escape. The years passed like this. Everyone thought that she would outgrow the heritage of her mother.
With each escape her mother grew more worried. “What if dwarves get you, my child? Or humans?” Alaria would hold her close. Terrified at the thought of losing the girl. The queen loved each of her children, yet the daughter held the most of her affections. She would look at her daughter as there hidden inside the child was a secret. A secret that could rip apart the kingdom.
Serirka was raised and breed to assume a crown. This is a world at war and through a princess was the best way to acquire more men to fight. Serirka listened to each lesson her tutors would tell her. She would beg her twin’s to teach her the ways of blades, arrows, and leadership. They laughed at the child wanting to learn, but they could not deny her the skills to protect herself. She took quickly to the weapons. Yet she loved music. Anything that droned a rhythm was music to her. Her feet moved nearly on their own.
Years passed this way. The princess would run free and the Queen would worry. One day a troupe of gypsies traveled to the Capital. Dancers, actors, fortune tellers, and people of all sorts. Serirka saw them in dresses made for dancing, stages just for them and a freedom she could never know.
That night the torches were set a light. The princess knew none of her guards would take her to see the performance. When she was alone, she gathered a few coins and removed nearly all of her jewelry. She dress herself in the plainest dress she could and out she went.
The cape was more than she had ever dreamed of. Here no one stared at her. She was just a girl. Some of the men took her hands to dance. The spinning cloth should such beauty. Serirka found that she had never been so happy in her life.
A young boy, a half elf, more towards her. She had never seen a half-elf before. They are uncommon the act of two races mating was, as she was taught, unspeakable. The half-race children were the lowest class of all. These thoughts passed in her mind quickly and looking at the boy she found that she did not care. A man took her hand and spun her. Her laughter rose higher that she ever thought it could. After a few moments, she felt a slight tug at her coin purse. The man moved her in dance quicker than she could realize. She saw the half-elf run from the dancing people.
While dancing she moved her hand to where her coin purse should be only to find it gone. She shifted the dance, drawing them closer to the edge of the crowd. Soon he man tried to pull her back. She moved from him laughing. She danced herself away from him, her movements drew the man from the people. She rounded the caravan, still dancing. She saw the boy.
She moved quickly. The closer to the boy she got the more gypsies gathered around him.
“That boy took something from me.” She looked squarely at him.
“Is that true?” A man asked from behind her.
As she turned, she saw it was the man that danced with her.
“Yes. I felt him pull my coin purse. Now, it’s missing. I also saw him run from the crowd.”
The half elf looked the man.
“Did you steal from her?”
The boy looked at his feet.
“You know the price of this.” The man moved towards the boy with his knife drawn.
Serirka stepped forward “What are you going to do to him?”
“He was caught stealing. He has to pay the price.”
Serirka continued to move towards the man, putting herself between him and the boy. “What price does he have to pay?”
“He has brought shame upon himself.”
Without thinking Serirka moved her hand quickly. She brought her hands up. One grabbed his wrist the other pulled the knife from his hand. The man looked at her.
“How did you do that?”
She looked at the knife in her hand. The shock of what she had done sunk in. She dropped the knife. “I don’t know.”
“Are you interested in joining us and teaching the boy?”
The thought of leaving the capital intrigued her. To leave the city? What a great adventure that would be. Just for a few weeks.
“Just for a few weeks.”
The gypsies packed the camp far quicker than that she would have thought possible. Serirka left with just the clothes on her back and the few coins that the boy tried to steal. She wore one piece of jewelry, her signet ring.
“What is your name?” The boy asked.
“Seera. My name is Seera.”


Dragon's Arcana: Arc I Deznoir