Druid-Avatar of the Green Dragon.


Soariarian stands a commanding six feet three inches. He has blond hair for the most part it falls freely down his back. His eyes are a shade of green somewhere between deep jade to emerald. He is the most powerful elf in known times. He has banded together the largest group of wild elves. There is only one woman that he has ever loved.


Nearly five hundred years ago, I had to give up the only woman I have ever loved. She was the only one among us that could live as the capitol elves could. Their slow, stagnate life. Never moving. The royal family even renounces their magic, their life. Each day I regret letting her go. I should have fought for her. I should stand against the chief. I should have done something. She was to be mine. We were going to be mated. Then came the chance for alliance with Avendare. No wild elf female could survive for long in the capital. None save for my Alaria. She is calm. There is a peace about her. She is completely wild elf but she longs to be settled.
Her black hair matches her father’s. He was the leader of our tribe. He seemed to be proud of the idea that I was proving myself to become his daughter’s husband. Then he called a counsel. Alaria was asked to join. I, however, was not. I paced by the fire in the middle of the camp. The meeting seemed to take centuries. Finally, Alaria emerged.
“Alaria, what happened?”
She nearly ran passed me. I catch her arm before she moves passed me.
“Soarairian, he is giv” she voice is too low to hear. There are tears in her eyes as she looks into mine. “He is sending me to Avendare.” My grip lessens and she runs off.
“Soarairian.” I turn to the deep voice. Her father. The chief of our tribe is looking at me. “I do not owe you an explanation. She is my daughter. But the heir to the throne in Avendare needs a wife. Alaria is the only one that can survive there. She has a calm spirit. A trait that she will need there. None of the other women here could live there and find happiness. She is being sent to the capitol tomorrow.” He turns and leaves me in the light of the fire.
My Alaria is leaving. She is to marry another man. I need to find her. Maybe there is something we can do. Once her father is out of sight, I run the direction she went.
“Alaria.” I call into the darkness. She is just as wild as any of us.
“Soarairian, I don’t want to go.” I know she will not show herself.
“We can leave, Alaria. We can go somewhere. Just you and I.”
“No. I must go. He is right. Soarairian, I am the only one.”
“I love you, Alaria. I won’t let you go.”
“You have to.” She jumps down from the tree. She throws her arms around me. “I love you as well, but my father has spoken. I am to leave tomorrow.”
We spend this last night together. I hold her in my arms as she cries. She asks me how is she to survive in one place without me.
As the sun rises, she leaves to prepare herself to leave. Her shoulders are fallen. But she will leave, she will marry this prince. And I am the one left alone. The hour comes and she is taken from me. I try to hold back the tears as she walks out of my life.
Seventy years later, I have trained myself. I have become the most powerful elf in the tribe. People say that I am more powerful than the current chief. The chief has grown old. Everyone can see that he is nearing the end of his life. Sometime after Alaria left the tribe, he appointed me his heir. He stated I was the most powerful of the all the members of our tribe.
One night, I couldn’t rest. I found myself thinking of Alaria. Was she unhappy? Did she settle down? Is her marriage a happy one? Does she still think about me? I stare into the fire. Movement catches my eye. I turn my head to see her father. All of us have known for some time that his death was coming. He moves next to me. His eyes lock onto mine.
“It’s time.” He lies down on the ground and closes his eyes. Within moments, most of the tribe surrounds us. His breathing stops and he is gone. His body flows in the ground beneath him. After a few moments a tree forms in his wake.
I am now chief.
I fall into running the tribe with little effort. My mind will not leave Alaria alone. I need to see her. She was sent away to help set an alliance between the elves. It is only right that as the new chief I should go.

The capitol is grander than I would have thought. The palace is…huge. I am ushered inside. I am told to wait for the Kind and Queen. Queen, that word hurts. She married him. She is his queen not mine.
“Soarairian.” Her voice. It sounds happy, though a disappointed.
“King Anarion.” I bow to him then turn to bow to her. “Queen Alaria. It is a pleasure to be here. I am the new chief of the wild elves. I am sorry, Queen Alaria. Your father has died. It was peaceful.”
I see the news rests hard on her. Outside the room I hear yelling. The door bursts open. Two young boys run in. Men almost. I can see her in them. These are her children. Her children.
“Father, one of the Generals has requested your presents.” The blond haired boy says with a slight bow.
“Chief Soarairian, Alaria. I am sorry but it seems the boys need me.” He leaves laughing deeply. It is a happy sound.
“Soarairian, it has been al.”
I cut her words off.“Are you happy?”
“Yes. I have two beautiful boys. My marriage is happy.”
“Don’t you miss running free?”
“Soarairian, I do miss it sometimes. But Anarion loves me.”
“I love you, too. You have never left my thoughts.”
“Soarairian, this is my home. I am happy here.”
She is so beautiful. What would our child have looked like? Would they look like her two? Would they look like me? I look at her. “Are you happy?”
“Yes. Why do you keep asking me this?”
“I hoped your answer would change.”
The sun has set. The king has yet to return with his boys. I am shown a room that I can use for the night. This room is just as grand as the rest of the palace. There is a knock on the door.
Alaria moves into my room. She looks just like she did before she left the tribe.
“Soarairian.” She whispers as she closes the distance between us. She wraps her arms around me. Her sent has changed. I can still smell the woods on her. It is not the same as it was. She smells of the capitol now too. “I missed you.” She buries her face into my shoulder.
Hours pass as I hold her till she moves. I did not notice that she was crying. I lift her face. Her eyes stare into mine.
“I miss you.” I lean my face towards hers. Our lips meet. Passion over takes us.
We wake a few hours later. What have I done? She is mated. This could bring devastation upon my tribe. I rise from the bed. “Alaria, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…” I cut myself off. I know she loves him. I know she is happy with him. I should have never come here. I cannot look at her as I gather my clothes. I want to believe she watches as I leave. What repercussions will this have?
Two hundred and fifty years have passed. I still fear that my one night of passion with Alaria will destroy everything. I never wanted hurt her. I did not intend to sleep with her. She is still the only woman I can every love.
I have still not mated any woman. They have tried only to meet with disappointment. This is not the only trouble I have to deal with. The Green Dragon has been silent. I have not been able to reach him.
With the day of Green Fire coming, I cannot leave to find the Dragon. I must send people to him in my stead. The half orc, Cur, shall go with whomever goes.
I spend the day before the day of Green Fire preparing myself. Out of the woods walks this young half elf. I pay her no mind till she states that I smell like a girl she knows.
This is not possible. The only way that someone could smell like me is if they are my one of my parents or my child. It is not possible.
I have no children. This girl is so certain I smell like this Seera. Alaria would have contacted me. She would have told me. Would she have told me? I need to go to Avendare. I need to see Alaria. I need to know. The day of Green Fire is upon us. I must mediate.


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