Dragon's Arcana: Arc I

Day of Red Fire

Upon entering the Village of Burg, Seera and Nolo were immediately drawn to the scroll posted to the wall. On it was a challenge given up to the strongest warrior stating “Whomever feels as if they have the courage others do not, I, Ryu Orision beg you come to my Manor and I shall grant you the honor and glory of such a task.” The flier was simple, scrawled in black ink and with a fine hand. The two traveled to the manor on the hill and upon entering came face to face with a strong, tower of a man with gray hair and a thick mustache that somehow appears to gleam in the sunlight.

The man’s name was Morrison, and he was the head of house to Ryu. After testing them with lies which both saw through immediately the two entered the room of Ryu and were given the task of finding an item which had been taken from him, and whisked away up the mountain. Three men had gone up, but none had returned.

After searching the premises and finding a young half-elf girl Nadi, with whom the two struck up a friendship in the way children do. After parting ways the two were asked to leave by Morrison and went in search of others who would be willing to partake in the quest. On the way they found Seelamin, the Human Monk, Gaius, the Dwarven Paladin, and Sezra, the Human Cleric of Ehlonna.

The party, due to Gaius’s duty as Dwarven emissary, decided the go back to Ryu’s manor for the Day of Red Fire celebration. At it Guias met with the Emissary Alucard, who appeared mysterious and shadowed along with his companion Emilay. Seera, once there, was reminded of her past in the form of a General who knew her before she had come here. The two shared a private conversation, and then parted ways. At the end the party retired for the night, before Nolo, worried for the little girl’s odd behavior, found his way back to the Nadi’s room.

The little half-elf had obtained a small bauble which she protected with such violent mentality that Nolo was forced to try and steal it, waking the girl in the process. It became apparent to Nolo and the rest of the Party that the girl, Nadia, was possessed by a specter and the five began their first battle as a team. After the specter’s defeat the party found Ryu behind them all, applauding their victory and reminding them of their promise to retake his missing item, which turns out to be a Golden Spearhead. After Morrison took Nadi to rest, the party retired for the night with hopes of their questions being answered.


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